Maria Boroghina

    Maria has won 4 awards, Best Cam Industry Ambassador Ynot 2018, Best Industry Representative LalExpo 2019, Best Industry Representative Live Cam Awards 2019, Best Industry Representative Aw Summit 2019. Maria has been working in the adult industry for over 15 years and now she is the C.E.O of Best Studio . She started working as a model;she succeded in becoming a Top Model but her journey in the industry continued with her being a trainer and a studio manager. She worked very closely with performers, attending to their wants and needs and helping them also succeed. Maria has devoted a lot of time for studying the typology of the members and understanding their requirements and desires;also for creating training materials for models and trainers and gave them full support after she evaluated and analysed what techniques and strategies work the best .When Maria discovered that the training means more then focus on the model while she is online ;she developed one of the most advanced training systems and she became an Training Manager,a job in which she excelled .How she found the key of success?First of all ,she was and still is a Leader.Maria developed the training system of the studio, and she formed the best and most efficient team of trainers of the market.Maria was followed because of her personality, behavior, and beliefs. She demonstrated a high level of passion for her work and always took a great deal of interest in the success of her trainers, instilling them to always reach their goals . Maria is the Creator of the „ Model management concept”, an unique concept