Emma Rainville

    Emma is an activist, speaker, and philanthropist. She has spent the last 20 years of spearheading movements in mental health, social justice, and human rights. She has a BS in Dietetics from James Madison University. A Bachelor’s in Social Work from the University of Central Florida – Orlando. A Masters In Nursing From University Of North Carolina In Chapel Hill. And an ABD from Texas A&M Forensic Science Ph.D. program. She also served in the IDF for 4 years starting as a translator for Mossad then going on loan for a UN-sanctioned human rights mission to the Sudan. / Emma is currently the Chief Operations Officer for Golden Egg Publishing, LLC. She has served at executive capacity for several companies since 2002. Her notable achievements include spearheading the acquisition of small start-up company In and Out Cash Loans by The Money Store, and serving as an A&R representative for Epitaph Records among many others in her professional career. She has consulted for or sat on the board for over 16 different startups. Emma is currently on 4 other nonprofit committees, one of which, Climbers 4A Cause she co-founded. In previous years, she has sat on the board or been a committee chair for over 17 additional non-profit organizations. Emma has a long history in fundraising and event planning for non-profit organizations around the globe.