Andra Chirnogeanu

    Starting in the industry as a PR executive for Studio20, Andra Chirnogeanu has an active role in the growth of today’s largest CamStudio network of the world from 1 to 24 locations in less than 5 years. Starting June 2019, she is also the Sales & PR Manager of Bucharest Summit, bringing a message of peace, cooperation and fair competition between the 3 Romanian industry events. We can do better together than apart. Despite being in the industry for a bit over four years, she has won several awards for her work like Industry Representative, Marketing Exec of the Year, and Best Marketing Campaign. She has been featured in mainstream magazines like Vice, BBC, InfoBae Argentina, Voyage LA, and has been the voice for the #girlsfromstudio20 as well as for Studio20 in industry magazines like AW News, Xbiz, Ynot, Camlife etc. She also has multiple tv and radio appearances with Studio 20 and promotes the adult industry worldwide.